Review procedures

Reviewing procedure in Mining - Informatics, Automation and Electrical Engineering

1. Formal evaluation of the proposed article by the Managing Editor.

2. Evaluation of the proposed article with respect to its contents by a feature editor and qualifying for further review.

3. At least two independent reviewers indicated by a feature editor from people who are not associated in any way with the author/authors of the proposed article.

4. Inviting reviewers to review the article.

5. Sending the article to the reviewers (no names of the author/authors are revealed).

6. Preparing reviews according to the form (review.pdf).

7. Final decision made by the Editor in Chief or Deputy Editor in Chief on the acceptance or rejection of the proposed article or the necessity to correct it according to the reviewers’ suggestions (the corrected article may be sent for another reviewing).

8. Publication of the article without mentioning the reviewers’ names.

ISSN 2449-6421
The electronic issue
Current issue 4 (529)
  • Bogdan CIANCIARA, Zbigniew ISAKOW, Kazimierz SICIŃSKI, Aleksander CIANCIARA
    Rock bursts prediction based on analyzing maximal phenomena of seismic emission in the INGEO system
  • Wiktor HUDY, Krzysztof PYTEL, Kazimierz JARACZ
    Input signals disturbances of controllers in a field-oriented control system with a slip-ring motor and their impact on rotational speed
  • Jacek JUZWA, Irena KUCIARA, Wiesław PIWOWARSKI, Kazimierz SICIŃSKI
    Analyses of parabolic processes to assess mapping stability of mining area ground dislocations in the INGEO system
  • Arkadiusz PAWLIKOWSKI
    Impact of setting load on bearing capacity of props in a powered support unit
  • Stanisław Jan KULAS, Henryk SUPRONOWICZ
    Loads and basic exposures of contact systems of electric switches
    Flash-butt welding of high-strength rails