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Mining – Informatics, Automation and Electrical Engineering

which in the period 1962-2014 was called “Mechanizacja i Automatyzacja Górnictwa” (Mechanization and Automation in the Mining Industry), is a scientific and technical journal whose compass is related to the issues of automation (including mechanics, mechatronics and control), electronics (including power electronics) and information technology (including telecommunications, telemetry, monitoring, security and safety).

Our mission is to provide the Readers with information about novelties in the scientific and technical progress noted in the widely understood mining industry.  The published papers deal with state-of-the-art solutions in mining, implemented devices, systems and technologies. Additionally, the journal is a forum to exchange opinions between researchers and users.

Mining – Informatics, Automation and Electrical Engineering is issued quarterly.

Mining – Informatics, Automation and Electrical Engineering is published by the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG in Katowice.

The original version of the journal is the electronic issue.

ISSN 2449-6421
The electronic issue
Current issue 4 (529)
  • Bogdan CIANCIARA, Zbigniew ISAKOW, Kazimierz SICIŃSKI, Aleksander CIANCIARA
    Rock bursts prediction based on analyzing maximal phenomena of seismic emission in the INGEO system
  • Wiktor HUDY, Krzysztof PYTEL, Kazimierz JARACZ
    Input signals disturbances of controllers in a field-oriented control system with a slip-ring motor and their impact on rotational speed
  • Jacek JUZWA, Irena KUCIARA, Wiesław PIWOWARSKI, Kazimierz SICIŃSKI
    Analyses of parabolic processes to assess mapping stability of mining area ground dislocations in the INGEO system
  • Arkadiusz PAWLIKOWSKI
    Impact of setting load on bearing capacity of props in a powered support unit
  • Stanisław Jan KULAS, Henryk SUPRONOWICZ
    Loads and basic exposures of contact systems of electric switches
    Flash-butt welding of high-strength rails